Project-Based Learning

Traditional modes of learning are often disconnected from real-life tasks. The high level of motivation that drives individuals during a training program often fades when they return to their usual work environment and its familiar patterns. Gnaritas designs and manages project-based learning initiatives to bridge this gap between classroom studies and true performance improvement.

In a project-based learning initiative, newly introduced material is explicitly applied to the learner’s job and its authentic challenges. A facilitated project sustains the individual’s motivation and supports the long-term integration of learning and practice.

In consultation with an organization’s experts and key stakeholders, Gnaritas designs custom, hands-on projects that integrate the concepts and models of formal instruction with the performance objectives of the learner and the organization. A project’s framework may include a specific problem to be solved, or it may be a more organic extension of the learner’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Since 2002, Gnaritas has helped more than 130 project teams achieve real return on investment for their organizations.

The key attributes of our learning projects:

  • Continuous learning
  • Authentic learn-by-doing experience in the context of real work demands
  • Distributed team work supported by web-based tools and conference calls
  • Scheduled check-ins to share and reflect on progress and learning
  • Continuation and strengthening of a community of practice

For specific examples, see the following case study:

MIT Sloan School of Management