Portals for Research and Reference

Organizations and individuals increasingly need to store, manage, and access information and media resources online. Gnaritas develops reference systems designed to address the dual needs of the resource provider and the end user.

A successful reference portal simultaneously accommodates a wide range of possible uses: one user may want to find a specific document, while another may have a general interest in a broad topic, while yet another may be searching for immediate support for a particular task. Meanwhile, the information provider may wish to showcase certain publications and authors—effectively pushing the content to the end user.

The usefulness of a web portal depends on how well it supports all of these goals, functioning as a dynamic medium for communication between end users and the sponsor organization.

Gnaritas works with organizations to design and implement portals that simultaneously achieve the following:

  • Increase the value of information resources
  • Simplify maintenance demands

For specific examples, see the following case studies:

Natural Standard

MIT Center for Information Systems Research