Online Learning Communities

Gnaritas creates engaging environments in which geographically dispersed participants and teams can collaborate. An online learning community allows members to share ideas and resources, engage in discussions, and build their own professional networks as they learn.

A well-designed community website that supports extended learning and collaboration can strengthen an existing network of participants, encourage new connections between groups and individuals, and create a flexible environment for communication and teamwork across geographic and other barriers.

Vital to the effectiveness of any community website is close alignment with the participants’ real-world demands and needs: simply designing a website without understanding the community’s goals is unlikely to generate much interest or activity among its target audience. On the other hand, a community websites that offers the following can provide a lively and engaging environment for member participation:

  • Relevant, varied, and comprehensive resources
  • Constant refreshing and updating of material
  • Access to specialist expertise
  • Opportunities to give and receive guidance and advice from peers
  • Clear, easy-to-navigate site organization
  • Integration with day-to-day working practices
  • A variety of ways to network with existing and new contacts