Website Information Architecture

There is no standard formula for the design and development of a website or web portal. Different websites have different functions, and their end users have many different needs and goals.

While technology allows for the easy sharing of information, that information will not reach all of its intended recipients if it is not organized in a manner consistent with their precise goals and needs.

To address this challenge, Gnaritas conducts in-depth analyses of content and user populations to determine the optimal organization for information. Our goal is to help organizations present information in an intuitive and engaging manner that directly supports the user’s needs. The analysis is a starting point for design and development, which follow as a streamlined and targeted effort.

The key attributes of our Information Architecture:

  • Interviews with users, content experts, and client stakeholders lay the groundwork for the new architecture
  • Analysis is documented in terms of user’s knowledge and performance goals
  • Content gaps are identified
  • New content structure is defined before development begins.


For specific examples, see the following case study:

MIT Center for Information Systems Research: Website Information Architecture