Custom e-Learning

Classroom training, live seminars, and workshops can be highly motivating and engaging, but can also be a challenge for organizations to manage cost-effectively. The cost—both in terms of time and money—and audience restrictions based on travel requirements often undermine the effectiveness of this approach.

The flexibility of an effective e-learning program overcomes these problems—particularly if it is carefully authored, designed, and implemented to meet the goals of the business and of the individual learner, benefiting both. A truly interactive e-learning program allows learners to work at their own pace and in different ways; for example, some learners prefer to make decisions and see the results immediately, while others are more reflective, preferring to browse support resources before taking action. A virtual environment in which it is safe to make mistakes creates powerful opportunities for true learning and retention.

Gnaritas designs and implements interactive e-learning programs from complex simulations to short, highly focused courses. Content is structured and written with the input of subject-matter experts to ensure relevancy and connection with the learners’ own work, and it is developed to ensure the cost-effectiveness of production, implementation, and any future updating.

The key attributes of our e-learning programs:

  • Learners are actively engaged in the learning process (i.e., learning by doing).
  • Activities are directly connected with learners’ intrinsic motivations.
  • Content is structured and presented to support a variety of learning styles.
  • Results translate into demonstrable improvements in practice.

For specific examples, see the following case study:

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary: Cataract Surgery Mentor