Summit Healthcare: Express Connect e-learning Course

Gnaritas recently developed an interactive e-learning course for Summit Healthcare, a company which provides a wide range of products, applications and services designed to help healthcare organizations – hospitals, physicians’ clinics and others in the healthcare industry – make the best use of their information system environments.

One of Summit Healthcare’s key technology offering is “Summit Express Connect”, an interface and message processing engine that allows hospitals and clinics to integrate multiple information systems and exchange data. Summit Healthcare provides personal training to clients on this product, and was looking to develop an online component to address the fundamentals in an interactive and flexible way, thereby increasing the efficiency and value to the client of the trainer-led sessions. Gnaritas worked in conjunction with Summit Healthcare to design and develop a custom e-learning course that covered the essentials of the Express Connect technology, providing an opportunity for new users to familiarize themselves with the key functions and practice the main tasks that Express Connect supports.
The course combines context-setting overviews of the main elements of the system, with interactive “practice” tasks, where the user completes a structured activity that directly mirrors a real-world task, for example, creating a specific type of message flow. The course includes an interactive version of the Summit Express Connect system, so the user decides how to proceed, completes the task within the course environment (e.g. selecting required fields, entering data) and receives immediate pop-up feedback on any mistakes.

Step-by-step guidance is provided for each task, as is a comprehensive “Reference” area which covers  a wide range of topics in helpful Q&A format:

On completion of all sections of the course, the user takes a post-test to confirm their understanding. If necessary, the user can re-take the course and practice the key tasks again.

This approach allows the new user to learn how to use the system at their own pace, and ensures they are comfortable with the fundamentals and can perform important key tasks prior to any further advanced training.