MIT Sloan School of Management: Project-Based Learning

Gnaritas is helping Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Executive Education design and implement a program to enhance project management at BP, the oil and energy company.

Our instructional design integrates the program’s emphasis on leadership, business acumen, and technical excellence with real-world project initiatives that reinforce the program’s concepts and apply them to authentic business issues within the organization.

This design, in which a collaborative learning process is structured around a specific business opportunity or challenge, encourages globally dispersed teams to work toward achieving real change as they apply the program’s teachings.

Gnaritas continues to support this project-based learning element by providing facilitation services, which include helping to manage the process and key deliverables, and liaising among teams, MIT faculty and BP management.

In addition, Gnaritas assisted in developing a participant website—which serves as central source of collaboration materials for participants—and maintains all of its content.