Cambridge-MIT Institute: CD-ROM Reference System for Educators

The Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI), an alliance between the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, was established in 2000 to undertake education and research designed to improve competitiveness, productivity, and entrepreneurship in the UK, and to forge stronger links between academic research and business.


Gnaritas created a set of resources for CMI faculty to enhance course offerings in business strategy and technological innovation, and to facilitate the sharing of expertise between the two academic institutions.

In consultation with CMI faculty, Gnaritas determined those resources that would be the most useful as supplements to and aids in professors’ teachings. These resources included videos of lectures, model case discussions, guides for selecting local cases, a library of industry examples indexed by teaching points, and interviews with the professor in which she shares advice for teaching the material.

In addition, Gnaritas created a Highlights CD, which features selections from lectures and course material, as well as video interviews with industry leaders about how the course material has helped them with real-world problems.