MIT Center for Information Systems Research: Portal for Research and Reference

The MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) was established at MIT Sloan School of Management in 1974 to conduct field-based research relating to management and the use of information technology in complex organizations.  The relevance of the center’s research is evidenced by the active participation of global patron and sponsor organizations from a wide range of industries

Objectives: CISR’s challenge was to create a new website that would showcase its comprehensive library of resources, publications, and research materials, as well as help sponsor/patron organizations take full advantage of the benefits that CISR membership offers.

With a range of different user categories, the site needed to allow for different levels of access, while remaining easily updatable by nontechnical staff and contributing faculty members.

In addition, CISR wanted to streamline the associated document- and website-management work flow for its administrative staff.

Results: Gnaritas approached this challenge in phases to address the dual goals of creating a new site and improving the administrative work flow. After conducting an in-depth analysis of the users’ and stakeholders’ goals, we developed the site’s information architecture and design, highlighting the rich set of resources available and creating multiple pathways by which users can access them. We customized access to the document repository, improving search and the overall user experience.

To support the site’s long-term viability, we worked with CISR staff to streamline their work flow so that the procedures and tasks involved in managing the publications would be efficient and effective.